The Apollos had a home game against Emerald Isle Titans in the Enterprise Division it was a very tough game which resulted with no rink wins for La Siesta, but Skip Brian Fraser’s team got a draw (20-20) for a point, which ended 1-11 (Shots 73-101).
The Pioneers (Discovery Division) had a similar result of 1-11 with their away game at Monte Mar against the Matadors, the draw coming from Skip Alan Ralph’s team (18-18). The points could have went to either of the teams, as most of the games went close which is reflected in the total Shots of 77-88.
In the Winter League La Siesta 1 had a bye, and it was an away game for La Siesta 2 who were welcomed by Monte Mar Green which saw some very close results on most of the rinks with the game ending 4-10 ( Shots 101-109 ). The Rink winners being; Tricia & Pat Reilly who stayed in full control of the game winning 20 -12. Alan Carr & Mike Edwards who kept up with the opposition until they had a couple of bad ends dropping 7 shots behind by the 14th, Skip Mike then played a wood that picked up the jack which ended in the ditch but still in play to gain 3 valuable shots, then on the final end got the 2 shots required to win 24-23.
The Golds Division B travelled to Greenland’s for their  game against the Cedars but found the home team to be too strong, only getting close on a couple of rinks with Skip Ros Stockell’s team managing to  pick up 1 point to secure a draw (16-16). The game finished 1-11 (Shots 68-112).
The Blues game to be rearranged due to border lock downs in Murcia.
Anyone interested in joining La Siesta Bowls Club, run by the members, are welcome to call the Club President (George) or Club Captain (Wendy) who will be pleased to give you any information you may require to assist you in making that decision.
George Richardson  865772498  or  Wendy Ralph  633068399