Quesada Bowls Club by Suzi Cooper
Quesada Bowls Club by Suzi Cooper

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On Monday the Pearls were at home against El Rancho Pintos. They had a great result winning on all rinks. George Carnell, Terry Morgan, Peter Morgan 36-7, Chris Brazier, Mark France, Jason Prokopowycz 25-19, Alan Barton, Abby Benson, Pearl Houghton 27-12, Graham Phillips, Claire Dye, Phil Bevan 23-17, Dorothy Benson, Violet Campbell, Fred Roberts 17-10.

The Diamonds had the afternoon game home to La Siesta Pioneers. They managed wins on 4 rinks & the overall for 10 points. George Kershaw, Ann Linley, Barry Armstrong 24-18, Doug Beattie, Brian Trinder, Trevor Voisey 26-12, Ken Gordon, Brenda Rees, Peter Rees 25-18, Allen Bowen, David Gould, Suzi Cooper 23-17.

Meanwhile the Rubies were away at Montemar Toreadors. They managed 2 wins for 4 points. John Cleal, Hazel Frost, Ian Forbes 16-15, June Moss, Peter Kelly, Tony Lale 13-11.

The Winter League had a good result away at Greenlands Poplars. Winning on4 & taking the overall 146-60. Winning Pairs were George Carnell & Jason Prokopowycz 40-5, Terry Morgan & Trevor Voisey 38-6, Tony Lale & Colin Highland 21-10, Shena & Dave Barnes 26-3.

Friday the Swifts were at home against Vistabella Conquistadors, a good 10 points. Winning trips were Tina Brinton, Joe Brinton, Peter Bradbury 16-15, Shena Barnes, Cynthia Scott, Steve Fedtschyschak 20-14, Peter Kelly, Lesley Fedtschyschak, Steve Hibberd 21-7, June Moss, Stella Jakeman, Tony Lale 22-15.

Meanwhile the Diamonds were away at Montemar against the Toreadors. They also picked up 10 points. Winning trips Doug Beattie, Jim Donnelly, Fay Beattie 14-12, David Gould, Chris Bowles, Kim Bowles 18-10, George Kershaw, Ann Linley, Peter Bottle 21-9, Dorothy Benson, Abby Benson, Fred Roberts 21-9.

The Swallows had the afternoon match at home against Vistabella Lanzadores. They managed 2 wins & a draw, plus a draw on the overall for 6 points. George Carnell, Brian Trinder & Sandra Heath 21-12, Linda Armstrong, Phil Bevan & Trevor Voisey 19-15, with Terry Morgan, Mark France & Colin Highland drawing 17-17.