Vistabella Bowls Club by Brian Zelin

Hi all, I’m sure you will all agree It’s nice to be back playing League Bowls again, let’s hope we don’t have any problems this season.

Monday 11th October. Vistabella Albatrosses were at Home to El Rancho, winning on all 4 Rinks.

Lynne Bishop, Mo Foulcer, Martin Foulcer. Sue Kemp, Eric Bishop, Brian Zelin. Kath Reid, Carol Thorpe, Gary Thorpe. Neil Burrows, Barbara Brown, Arthur Brown. Points 10-0

Monday 4th October we played a friendly at Home to Bonalba Winning 3-2.

Steve Parr, Sue Kemp, Carol Thorpe 20-10, Bill Taylor, Mo Foulcer, Martin Foulcer 19-11

I think the only reason Bonalba agreed to play this match is so they could go afterwards to Quesada Fish & Chips

Wednesday 13th October we played the return Match at Bonalba two apiece but just getting the shots. Sue Kemp, Derek Howe, Arthur Brown, Martin Foulcer 18-11. Kath Reid, Stan Dibble, Alice Howe, Gary Thorpe 15-10. Worth going to Bonalba just for their fabulous cakes.

Friday 15th October. Vistabella Lanzadores were at Home to Greenlands Oaks, winning on 3 Rinks.

Kath Reid, Sandra Burrows, Ian Kenyon 16-13. Neil Burrows, Carol Thorpe, Gary Thorpe 19-15. Mo Foulcer, Eric Bishop, Martin Foulcer 16-15. Points 8-2.

Conquistadors played the Paradors in a Home Derby winning on the shots. Denise Howe, Roy Widgery, Alan Bannister 26-9, Hillary James, Steve Baxter, Alice Howe 23-13

For the Paradors, Julia Clarke, Maureen Slater, Fred Willey 18-13. Mary Smith, Bill Taylor, Martin Smith 10-0, Shots, 62-49  Points 6-4